Move It with Disc Golf

by Jessica Cervantez

When you think about staying fit and healthy, you may think first about hitting the gym, but that's not always what people want to do.

Experts say you can make fitness fun.  For example a game of disc golf is a perfect way to get moving and burn calories without even thinking about it.  Disc golf is like the traditional golf because you use similar rules and terminology, such as pars and there are 18 holes.

There are also differences.  The most noticeable difference is disc golf is played with a disc or Frisbee.  All you need is a disc and you could get a full day's workout.  We caught up with an    S-F-A kinesiology class at a local park and received a lesson in disc golf.  The object is to get the disc or frisbee into a basket, most are par 3's.  It sounds pretty simple, but don't be surprised if you spend a lot of your time getting your disc out of creeks and the woods, much like their regular golf counterparts.

There's no golf cart in disc golf.  So, walking 18 holes is a workout in itself.  "Everyone needs to burn calories right.  It's great, it's a game so you don't really even know you're burning calories," said S-F-A Junior Janae Lock.  "Cardio, you are constantly walking, holes are far apart, I can't even see them," added S-F-A Junior Scott Berkowitz.

Most courses are located in public parks, so, it's free and anyone can play said S-F-A Kinesiology instructor Rochelle Santiago. "All ages, sizes, shapes, there are tournaments at pioneer park from young kids to retirees."

A simple disc, can make all the difference when you Move It.  You can get other Move It ideas, just go to "move It! - For Your Health" category of and watch the East Texas News every Monday at 6 p.m.