Courthouse Security Addressed

The architects drew it, so the contractors built it and the commissioners approved it. At issue is an non secured door. No lock on either side. Sheriff Thomas Kerss observed, " This needs to be secured at least by the inside."   it leads up a stairwell to a locked door serving county prosecutor's offices. County Judge Joe English found it opened before leaving work. Now he's asking for changes. The locksmith, Dave Gallagher agrees. He said,  " At the bare minimum it should have an extra bar on there so the door can be closed and latched to keep somebody in the middle of the night from sleeping there. " And the recommendation was approved.

More security is on its way. Installation of sixteen cameras began today. They'll be placed in high security areas. Gallagher lined out the job.  " This is going to be the primary entrance for the courthouse. Every single person is gonna go through here, so we're gonna put one of these real nice cameras." All the strategically placed cameras should be installed around the first of the year. That's when Sheriff Kerss will go to work on establishing a key card system for county employees.

Courthouse security was first addressed two years ago when courthouse renovation began. More changes may be in store as oversights are discovered and unforeseen security issues arise.