Winterizing Your Vehicle

Every winter, experts at Angelina Tire and Auto in Lufkin see an increase in customers. Customers who come in to have their cars maintenanced for the cold weather.

"Once you see the weather starting to cool off you'll have everybody wanting to make a real mad rush," said Jim Massingill of Angelina Tire and Auto.

A common question many experts get about winterizing vehicles regards the best way to defrost windshields.

"A lot of people want to go into the house, get some warm water and throw it on the winsshield to try to melt the water quicker. In most cases, they'll find themselves at the glass shop that day because it will crack the windshield," Massingill said.

The best thing to do is give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes to turn on your car's defroster. But there are many other tips you should follow.

Check your fluids: Your car's antifreeze is an especially important fluid in the winter because it keeps your car's engine, radiator and hoses from freezing. It also prevents engine corrosion.

Change your battery: Cold temperatures can cut the life of your battery in half, largely because it takes a lot more power to start your car when it's cold outside. And batteries don't give any notice before they quit.

Keep your tires healthy: Make sure your tires have a good grip in case the roads ice over. It's also important to make sure your tires have the proper air pressure. Tires often lose air pressures with variations in temperature.

Experts believe the best tip is to keep your vehicle in good shape all year long and not wait until winter to get it ready.