Fire Danger on the Rise

With the holiday season upon us, the threat for fires becomes more significant.  And it's not just because of the Christmas lights and trees.

"It's very important to keep those space heaters serviced on a year to year basis in case there's a problem with the pilot light being bad," says Lieutenant-Paramedic Scott Stone of Station 1 in Lufkin.

"Those space heaters are a major contributor to the majority of fires."

The main reason why space heaters are the cause of so many fires has to do with the placement of them in your house or apartment.

"Sometimes people have a tendency to put them too close to furniture, object such as clothes, and thing of that nature," says Scott.

As a result of the fire threat, manufacturers have added new safety features to prevent fires from forming in the first place.

It's called "Tip Over Safety."  Anytime your space heater falls over, it will cut off automatically to keep a fire from starting.

Even with this new addition, Scott says safety procedures are still the main priority when it comes to you and your families overall safety.

"Keep them away from extension cords, drapes, curtains, pets, clothing, and of course children.

It's during this time of year that these space heaters are a major contributor to the majority of fires."

So by playing it smart, you can save money on your electric bill, stay warm, and be safe all at the same time.