AC Athletics Gets Facelift

For AC Athletics Director Guy Davis, his view of Runner sports is about to undergo a major change.

Thanks to a bond election that passes earlier in the year, Davis is proud to introduce softball into the AC community. "I had hoped we'd have it five to ten years ago. But money procluded, when the state had the cut back, that pushed this date back," Davis commented.

Along with the new softball team, AC Runner baseball will recieve a much needed facelift. A new ballpark for the Runners was also alloted in the funds, and will give AC a brand new, state of the art ballpark.

"From a coaching stand point, it makes recruiting a lot easier. It gives us something to show pride in. I mean we have a great field, I love our field. But I think this will put us over the hump," Runners Head Coach Jeff Livin said.

The baseball and softball parks will be located across the street on the third base side of the current baseball stadium.

Groundbreaking on the parks is set to begin in the early spring and both teams are expected to be able to move into their new homes in time for the 2008 and 2009 Fall and Spring seasons.