Lufkin Police Report - 12/6/07

THEFT: 100 BLOCK OF REECE LANE. Complainant reported theft of funds by a company she had hired to help her obtain Social Security disability benefits.

THEFT OF SERVICE: 1600 BLOCK OF BRANCH STREET. An employee of a natural gas company reported theft of natural gas service at a residence.  Service personnel found where someone had tapped into a main gas line and were supplying natural gas to a house without using a gas meter.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 1200 BLOCK OF CHESTNUT. A counterfeit $10 bill was found by a store clerk Tuesday night.  A customer had brought it in to be checked by the clerk and the bill was counterfeit.  The customer did not try to pass the bill and left it for the clerk to give to police.

HARASSMENT: 1100 BLOCK OF KILN. Complainant reported that a known suspect has been calling her and cursing her on the phone for the past month.