Emergency Training Mishap

A search and rescue training session conducted by the Columbia Center had an embarrassing snafu Thursday. At one point, participants had themselves asking is this a fake or legitimate accident? During the exercise, a Columbia Center employee appeared to have serious injuries after falling into a ravine. Paramedics were called to the SFA forest at the corner of University and Starr. Once they got the man to the ambulance they discovered he was faking it for the purpose of the drill. On duty paramedics and other drill participants weren't too happy. Incident commander, Dr. Daryl McDonald is taking full responsibility for not stopping the incident short of calling paramedics. He'll also be conducting a lot of apologies.

He would have much rather full attention be given to the drill's initial purpose. The drill was for the benefit of the Texas State Guard. They came from around the state for global positioning satellite training. Their assignment was to locate mannequins that were randomly placed in the woods as part of a mock plane accident exercise. The rescue mission training provided some useful practice in case of a real emergency.

Texas State Guard, Captain Jorge Sugranes explained, " The reason why we have the training is to get more advanced education on GPS system and be familiar on how to apply that on emergencies." Lt. Karina Hollands said,  " We've all had some land navigational experience. I think as far as the technology we've gone from people that have never used it to some people who are much more advanced on it."

The Texas State Guard is a volunteer state military force. It serves communities in times of Texas state emergencies.