Elizalde Has Change of Heart

Last December, Travis Elizalde wanted to call it quits.

"I wanted to throw in the towel because it was so hard," Elizalde says.

He doubted he belonged on same floor as his Angelina College teammates.

"I was nervous every game," Elizalde recalls.

He also wasn't playing.

"I prayed about it every night," he says.  Shortly after Christmas, Elizalde saw the light.

"At that time we would talk to Travis and say you've got to keep you're head up, things will come," Angelina Head Coach Todd Neighbors says.  "He went from not playing at all to starting."

"I got in the game and said I'm just going to play my game," Elizalde says.  "I guess I did well enough coach didn't want to take me out."

Elizalde started the rest of his freshman season averaging 14 points per game.  Stats are nice, but nothing could match the honor given to Elizalde this season.  The small kid from Broaddus, who once thought he wasn't good enough, was voted captain by his teammates.

"It meant a lot," he says.  "And I was surprised."

The surprise of Elizalde's game is gone.   While his game has turned big, he'll always play for the little guy.

"It means a lot to me that they look to me to carry Class A and prove we can hang with bigger guys," Elizalde says.

But can the big guys keep up with him?