Storage Burglary

by Christa Lollis

Angelina storage has more than 70 units, and today most of them were left wide open, with the locks cut. Michele Reynolds with the property management company told KTRE, "A lady that rents from us, she went down there and was going to get something out of her unit and she came in and told me."

Only 7 of the units have continuous renters and many of them still had items left inside. They were all locked, including the one belonging to the woman who discovered it all. "She's had hers for probably about 3 weeks. Last week she said it wasn't broken into.  So it happened between last week and this week," Reynolds explained.

This storage facility isn't the first one in the area to be targeted. Huggins-Martin management says a similar situation happened just last week on highway 94. "A lady called me and said there was a strange car out there and so I sent the owner out there and the guy said he had a unit out there and he didn't," she said. He was apprehended by Lufkin police.

The thieves who ransacked Angelina Storage are still out there. Michelle says keeping a watchful eye on your unit will help keep your belongings safe. "At least if you have one on a long term basis, check at least once a week that way you know pretty much if something happens you know the time frame." Angelina Storage is still contacting tenants until all the stolen items are accounted for.