Teacher Battles Cancer

A Garrison school teacher got what may have been the worst news of her life just 2 months ago. "I was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer on October 17th.  The doctors at MD Anderson told me that they're finding more and more lung cancer in women in their 30's and 40's that are nonsmokers. I have never smoked," Brandi Edwards told us.

It took no time at all for the community to rally together to support Brandi and her family. Today they held a bazaar at the school to raise money but it's just one of the many things they do. "We're a group that's organized in love for Brandi. Our organization is called friends of Brandi. Brandi is a hometown girl that grew up here and she's one of our teachers. She teaches 6th grade. Her and her husband are here raising their children Turner and Caroline and Brandi was diagnosed with lung cancer," Carla Hutto, a long time friend explains.

In just a short time in Garrison it was apparent to me, the past two months have affected everyone close to Brandi. They're hoping today's event will help ease the burden. Hutto said, "Brandi has to travel to Houston's MD Anderson once a week for treatments and doctors visits and we just organized this fundraiser to help her cover her medical expenses, travel expenses and this is kind of an organization of the school plus our community." The Edwards family is overwhelmed. All the people who have shown their support and people they will never forget. "There aren't words to express the gratitude that my children and my husband and I and my parents feel for all the help that we've received from the whole entire community, the students, teachers and my friends," Brandi said.

For now, Brandi will continue to fight and the good news she got last week will keep everyone's spirit up. "My tumors had shrunk more than 50% which was very good news. It was surprising news to the doctors but again, I want to say that it's because of prayer I received from my church members and the community." For the next 12 to 18 months she'll continue her chemo and wait to win the battle.