Move It Monday - Indoor Cycling

Turn up the sound system, buckle up and start pedaling. That's how cyclists start off a trip on a stationary bike.   Cyclist Laura Dokupil explained,  " A lot of it goes with the music. When you can match a ride with music it makes it wonderful."

To any tune, indoor cycling, or spin cycling offers an aerobic activity that can be individually designed for your ability. If you accept the challenge, your heart muscle and lungs are exercised. That helps build stamina. Dokupil knows her body is at work.  " You're actually making more mitochondria, which in your cells kind of help us better be able to handle strenuous activity." Then there's the obvious benefit of trim and tone. Dokupil points out her well toned legs.  " Your quadriceps right here, definitely works that, as well as hamstrings. Even the arms at some point. "

If a routine workout isn't enough, feel free to turn up the tension to simulate an uphill climb. Still want more. Try jump ups with this Move It workout. Dokupil demonstrated, " All you do is basically just stand up, sit down, stand up and sit down. I've invented backward jumps where you standup and sit back up."  the instructors can get away with such quips.

The beauty of this activity is you can gear it for any ability. Then there's the sleekness of today's indoor bike allowing your imagination to run wild. Dokupil demonstrates the cycling positions you can use on the stationary bike. They're the same positions utilized by cyclists such as Lance Armstrong.   But unlike Lance, you don't need a helmet, needn't contend with traffic and don't even have to check the weather report. Every day is perfect for indoor cycling.