Fighting Internet Sexual Predators

When detectives John Davis and Otis Almond were chosen to head the Lufkin Police Department's Cyber Crimes Unit, they knew they'd deal with all types of cases. But there's one in particular their unit was created to fight.

"We do identity theft, we do frauds, we counterfeit checks, but the majority of it is child pornography," Detective Davis said.

Their main goal is to take child predators off the internet.

"People ask me all the time how how me and my partner are able to view the stuff that we have to look at, mainly the child pornography. It's very tough. It's very agitating and it makes you mad every once in a while," Davis added.

While a lot of the communities the LPD's Cyber Crimes Unit covers are small, that's hardly the case with the number of internet child predators in east texas.

"The numbers, if truly none, would be astromonical. We don't know until they get reported. We've had our share already. Not only in angelina county but in some of the counties we've been involved in," Detective Almond told us.

The Cyber Crimes Unit got a huge boost this November when the Lufkin City Council approved a $9,500 grant from Internet Crimes Against Children. The LPD bought lots of new, up-to-date computer equipment and software to help win the fight against internet child predators.

While their job can be difficult at times, detectives almond and davis know they the work they do is important to the east texas community.

"In my opinion, this job really broadened my work as a detective and made me a better detective," Davis said.

"I don't understand the philosophy of the people who want to possess or look at child pronography. It's one of my pet peeves; to put the perverts where they belong," Almond told us.