Nacogdoches Jury Gives Woman Ten Years for Perjury

It was a tape which shows Rosemary King throwing a can of mace into the brush that caught her in a lie.

Back in July 2006, she was testifying against David Redden who was charged with murder after fatally shooting Paul Wheeles. Redden claimed that he had been pepper sprayed and it was self defense.

John Heath, Jr., Redden's defense attorney, said, "This is the result of a woman serving her own interest who decided she would lie under oath and try to put an innocent man in the penitentiary for life."

Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Kitchens took the stand, along with Redden's Defense Attorneys John Heath, Sr. and Jr.

John Heath, Jr. was asked to read part of a manuscript from that trial where he cross examined King.  At one point, he got emotional while reading.

Dean Watts, King's attorney, questioned why they didn't let the district attorney know about the evidence on the tape.

John Heath, Sr. said he had no assurance it would change anything in the case and he had no obligation.

"This is the only time in my career that I had a Perry Mason moment," he said.