Nac's Twin Towers

JaMorgan Davis and Bre Agnew are almost like sisters.

"We're cousins," Davis says.  "We know a lot about each other."

Especially on the court.

"We just got a great bond together and depend on each other," Agnew says.

That bond began on the basketball court about ten years ago.   A decade later both cousins are over six feet tall, forming a new version of the twin towers.

"I like to play against her because she's better competition," Davis says.

Davis and Agnew have helped each other reach new heights.   Now they will both play at division one college's next year.   Davis will head to Texas San Antonio. Agnew will head to Southland conference rival Sam Houston State.

"We're winning," Davis says.  "Go Roadrunners."

Agnew disagrees.

"It's going to be a great competition, but Sam Houston's going to beat U.T.S.A."

Before they compete against each other, they have one more goal to accomplish together.   Bring Nacogdoches a state title.  Agnew says with five starters back from last season, a championship is expected.

"I just believe we've got a great chance this year."