Nacogdoches Police Report - 12/12/07

DWLI: 800 BLOCK OF OLD TYLER ROAD. Suspect was stopped for a traffic violation and his driver's license was found to be revoked. Marquis Johnson was arrested.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 300 BLOCK OF SUNSET. Complainant reported that unknown suspects entered his vehicle and went through his glove box. Nothing was taken.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 900 BLOCK OF MARTIN LUTHER KING. Officers were called where security had detained a suspect that was observed cutting tires on a parked vehicle. Gustavo Alvarado was arrested.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 2400 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported that unknown suspects had used a credit card without permission to make purchases.

HIT AND RUN: 4800 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. A parked and unattended vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle which left the scene.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 100 OAKHILL PLAZA. Officers contacted two suspects during the investigation of a drug complaint. The suspects had been previously warned not to be on the property. Jabrandon King and Demarcus Washington were arrested.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 3200 BLOCK OF SOUTH STREET. Complainant was driving southbound on South Street when two white males in a light colored Chevy Avalanche fired one round into the tailgate of complainant's truck. The suspects turned east bound on loop 224.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 4100 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant was inside his apartment when he heard a gunshot. He observed that unknown persons had shot the back window out of his 1998 Ford Explorer.