Murder Trial Continues

The defense called witnesses today in the murder trial of a man who says he killed a man in self defense, but didn't tell anyone because he thought they wouldn't believe him.

Rodney Cearley is accused of murdering Michael Grimes in Angelina County in 1999 after an alleged fight between the two. Yesterday, Cearley's attorney told jurors that Cearley killed Grimes in self defense. Today the defense called several witnesses to the stand who painted Grimes as a man haunted by drug problems and who was known for his short temper. They also say he was known to carry a knife and was not one to back down from a fight. One witness is a Lufkin Police officer who reponsed to a domestic disturbance call involving Grimes in 1990. The officer said Grimes was arrested after making a threatening statement. The trial continues tomorrow at the Angelina County Courthouse.