A Special Bond

by Ryan Peterson

As the Alto Yellowjackets prepare for their second straight state title game, just one stadium seat is filled.

"I enjoy watching all the kids," J.C. Dover says.

Last Friday night Dover wasn't there to watch his grandson and the rest of the Yellowjackets battle Granger.   Dover had his own battle after suffering a heart attack.

"It didn't look like I was going to make it," Dover says.  "But god is good."

"It was real scary," Alto Senior Clint Dover says.  "My grandpa hasn't missed a game yet. It hurt him not being there."

It was the first game Dover had missed in 32 years.

"When he was in the hospital," Alto Coach Keith Gardner says.  "He asked am I going to die and can I go to the ball game?"

"It was real tough," Dover says.  "The first one I'd missed since 1975. I had the flu."

It was an emotional win over Granger, for Dover's grandson.

"After the game the radio let me give a shout out,"  Clint Dover says.  "I knew he was listening. It was a bond."

If all goes well the rest of the week, Dover can start a new streak of games.   Clint has dedicated his final game to his grandfather.

"I'd don't know where I'd be without him," he says.

The elder Dover feels the same way.

"It means it all."