Lufkin Hoops Shine

Last year, Xavier Roberson shot the Lufkin Panthers to a district title. Head Coach J.T. McManus was looking for the same this year.

But rarely do things work out the way you want them to.

On October 27, All-American nominee, Roberson, quit the team, and left school, leaving the Pack reeling.

"It was a shock, it just cam out of nowhere, it was our second day of practice, and it just came out of nowhere," said Lufkin Center Josh Johnson

"Basketball wise everyone was kinda like, wondering where it was going to go, everyone knew it was going to go differently, of course he would get alot of our buckets and be our offense," added senior Scott McElroy, "but when he left, no one was scared, we are just really playing a different kind of ball right now and it seems to be working out for us."

And indeed the Pack have. Lufkin has jumped out to a 11-4 record, and has turned what began as frowns, upside down.

Meanwhile, the absence of Roberson has left the door wide open for other to walk through. "I just looked at it as the aspect of more players having to step up and help the offense," said senior Lawrence Johnson.

"There are alot of guys who can do alot of things that maybe werent seen in the last year, but it is being displayed now," McElroy added.

The new kids hope to display their skills and lead the new panthers back to the playoffs.