Family Recovering From Accident

The Cummings family lives right on highway 59 and accidents on their property are common. But, what they witnessed Saturday night was like nothing they had ever seen. "The moaning and the wailing of children was very overwhelming and the mother asking and begging for help and then the ambulance personnel trying to find their way in the dark." DPS troopers say Justin Sutton of Trinity was intoxicated while driving his expedition on 59. Authorities say the expedition hit the back of the families suburban causing them to leave the roadway and flip at least 3 times.

Eduardo and Angie Medellin were in the suburban with their 4 children Eduardo Jr., Eric, Edgar and Emily. All the children were ejected from the vehicle and Eduardo Jr., the oldest, was killed. Now Angie is realizing life will never be the same. She said, "It is sinking in. Things have changed and I will never hold my beautiful son close to me." The other 3 children were all taken to Children's Memorial Herman in Houston. They are all doing much better. Even Eric, who lost one of his legs, could soon be out of ICU.

The family knows this is far from over. Angie said, "With god's help we will come out of this nightmare soon. I would like to thank everyone that came by, called or kept us in their prayers." Now, she just hopes the prayers will continue. In addition to the health of the Medellin family, Sheridan's also praying that she will be able to forget what she saw the night of the accident. "I've seen lots of accidents. I've seen 18 wheelers run each other off the road. I've seen people run through my fence. I've seen them hit hogs and we've come up on scenes and though it was dead people everywhere and it was just hog parts. We've had our mailboxes, but no, no, I've never seen anything like that and don't want to again," she explained. The scene of the accident is now empty but a cross has been put there so that no one ever forgets the Medellin family.  A fund has been set up at First Bank and Trust to assist the family.