Internet Privacy

Stephen Rorai began computer data recovery following the death of his mother. He successfully retrieved her computer stored photographs. Now he searches for lost computer data professionally. His clients range from homemakers to police detectives. Rorai said,    " In all these cases you just have to have patience. If you don't have patience, you won't get anything back."

Rorai knows once in a computer, always in a computer or someone else's. Rorai advised,  " Anything you put on the Internet is for ever on the Internet. Somebody always has it somewhere on their hard drive somewhere. It's never deleted. "

Rorai is amazed at some of the items he finds in popular chat rooms like MySpace and FaceBook.   In a college town pictures of underage drinkers are common web posted materials. This can get them fired or never hired.   Rorai knows of several incidents.  " Plenty, plenty. A lot of people at school, computer field, it's happened many, many times. Here it's happened once. "

Making a site private helps, but it's only as safe as the people you share it with. Rorai knows,  " MySpace is as public as it can get. I mean, you can search any one Google and it corresponds with MySpace."

Computer postings can have its benefits. Rorai publicizes his photography on a FaceBook account, but no questionable images will be found.