DETCOG Fights Hunger

Chances are that while you're finishing up your Christmas shopping list, you're also planning the menu for your family's Christmas meal. Some people aren't so fortunate, and DETCOG is stepping up to fill those empty stomachs. "The numbers for the statewide education is actually low at this time so we're trying to ensure that all the families that are eligible to receive food stamps have a chance to apply for food stamps," Shelby Wood of DETCOG explained.

The food stamp program helps low income families and individuals buy the foods needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The problem is half of those eligible don't ever even apply. "I think the issue with our programs are people are embarrassed to say they need help so that's why our program is available because we do provide home assistance to families," Debra Hadnot, DETCOG Community Outreach personnel said. It's a new program called community outreach that DETCOG is offering. They make it as comfortable as possible for people in the community to get the help they need. Hadnot told KTRE, "People who work, they also need assistance at times so a lot of these programs are for the working, low income families and their children. So, we like to go out and provide assistance to them so that a lot of people don't have to go without that do need it."

Filling out a simple application can ensure that no family is left hungry at the end of the day. "So many of the families, if they don't know about the food stamp program then they'll spend their regular money for their bills on their food. That way either a bill will go lacking or a child may go undernourished," Wood said. They say the worst thing people can do is to assume they aren't eligible because you'll never know unless you try.