Lufkin Police Report - 12/17/07

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 300 EAST SHEPHERD. Complainant reported that she received a counterfeit $5 bill in the change from a purchase Sunday.

ASSAULT/A: 2800 BLOCK OF SOUTH FIRST STREET. Complainant reported that her estranged husband struck her in the face and shoulder during an argument Sunday afternoon.  Complainant reported shoulder pain from the assault.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 3200 BLOCK OF OLD UNION. Complainant reported that someone threw a rock through the back window of her car, cut two of her tires and scratched and dented the trunk Friday or Saturday.

THEFT/A: 700 BLOCK OF MYRTIE STREET. Complainant reported that the internal part of a window unit air conditioner was stolen from home Friday or Saturday.  The shell of the unit was left in the window.

THEFT/B: 4400 BLOCK OF FIRST. Complainant reported that her purse was stolen when she left it unattended on a table at a party Saturday night.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4600 BLOCK OF SOUTH MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a known suspect kicked the door of his car Sunday evening, damaging the panel and the window.

THEFT/C: 4600 MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a bag of merchandise she had bought was stolen when she set it down in a store Sunday evening.