Murder Trial Ends

An East Texas man convicted of an 8 year old murder was finally sentenced today in Lufkin.

Rodney Cearley was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Michael Grimes. Cearley killed Grimes in Angelina County in January of 1999. Cearley's attorney says it was self-defense, but neither Grimes' body nor a murder weapon have ever been recovered. Grimes' family members say they are glad to see justice served, but want Cearley to tell authorities where the remains are hidden.

"I will never forgive him until he does the right thing by my mom and his brother and my son and given us the location of the remains. Then he'll be worth forgiveness. But until then, no. I'll be at everyone of his parole hearings petitioning, telling them not to let this man go free," Carl Grimes, the victim's brother, said.

Cearley could be eligible for parole in 10 years.