Busy Shipping Day

UPS drivers are busy. How busy you ask. One driver unloading boxes said he'll make 161 stops. From the Lufkin hub about 12,500 packages were handled Monday, the predicted busiest shipping day of the year. A normal day it's usually around 8200.

Open the back of a UPS truck and you'll find packages packed in to the ceiling. They work hard and fast. Customers this year include mom, Cindy Ivy loaded down with important Christmas gifts.    " I'm sending packages to may daughter in San Diego, California. Hopefully, it will be there before next Monday so she can have Christmas presents even though she doesn't have her family with her. "

On Monday, there's a 100% chance gifts shipped anywhere in the U.S. Will arrive by Christmas. By tomorrow the percentage will drop to 90 %. Wait after that, you better plan to pay more, said The UPS Store owner, Jodie Stone.    " Then we would advise going next day air or second day air to still be able to get there in time for Christmas. "

Deliveries will occur right up to Christmas Eve, since it's on a Monday. Shipments should remain on schedule if the weather stays on track. Right now the network is good despite an ice storm.

Shipments on time please customers like Brittany Abbey who sent off a camera that her aunt left behind.      " I didn't think it would be there on time. They said it could get there by Wednesday. "

Customers can help the delivery along by having all your paper work in order, correct addresses and a properly packed package. Eventually though you have no choice but to trust your item will arrive safe and sound.