Hornets Buzzing After Upset Win

by Ryan Peterson

The Hudson Hornets shocked Hardin Jefferson and themselves after ending the state champs 32 game win streak.

"I was worried about chemistry and experience," Hudson's Thomas Davis says.

No surprise there.  Davis was the only returning starter to the Hudson Hornets lineup this season.

"At first I was just thinking we were going to be a mediocre team," Davis says.

Beating the defending state champs and number one team in the state by sixteen points says otherwise.

"There was a huge celebration," Senior T.C. Smith says.  "No one else had done it. They hadn't lost in the a long time."

Now the Hornets can picture an even bigger celebration in March.

"No doubt," Smith says.  "We just knocked off number one. The sky is the limit"

"It was a good win," Head Coach Rob Peterson says.  "But it doesn't mean anything in the big picture. We're 11 and 4 and that doesn't matter to us."

Davis, a three year starter no longer has any doubts about the teams potential.

Wearing the same number as Michael Jordan, he plans on leading his team to memorable season.