Ramnath Back in Federal Court

Family members and friends showed up today to support Priya Ramnath, the Lufkin doctor accused of involuntary manslaughter in the United Kingdom.

"We are kind of disappointed. We were hoping that she would be out on bail today," Ramnath family friend Llita Mistry said.

But the judge delayed his decision on Ramnath's bail. That could allow u-s federal prosecuters more time to prove she's a flight risk.

Ramnath's lawyer and supporters say they'd rather have her resolve the issue here in the US courts. But it's looking more and more like she may get extradited to the United Kingdom.

Ramnath's attorney, Al Charanza, said, "Obviously they're trying to push her to the UK. They just want her to go back and face the trial there, but there's a legal process that they go through to make sure that they actually have a legal warrant and the legal basis to take her back and that's what we're trying to fight."

Charanza tried his best to prove his client isn't a flight risk. He even told the judge that ramnath would be willing to surrender her passport and volunteer for house arrest if he would grant her bail.

"Considering the circumstances and the possibily that she may, at some point, be taken to the united kingdom to face charges, I think it's extremely important that she be with her family here for that time that she is here," Charanza added.

"We have faith and hopefully it's going to work out for her. Mainly for her parents who are really, really upset about her being in jail and for her children's sake," Mistry told us.

Ramnath is also applying to become a permanent resident of the US. Federal prosecutors argue that Ramnath has over stayed her US visa. But Ramnath's attorney says according to the law, she's allowed to stay in the US until her permanent residency interview. That interview is scheduled for February 1, 2008.