Crown Colony's Dynamic Duo

With the Christmas holidays just over two weeks away, it is time to remember that which matters most.

At Crown Colony, it is a 35 year friendship.

Max Haney and Jim Hunter have played golf in Lufkin since the early 70's, before there ever was a Crown Colony, and a chance meeting between the two , has sparked a friendship nearly four decades old.

"It has been too long ago, we met when I just showed up at the old country club and needed someone to play with," said Haney, but Hunter quickly added, "Yeah, but that was at the old Lufkin Country Club, before Crown Colony was even open."

While neither will torch the course with sub par rounds any more, there still lies the flame of competition betwen the two old friends.

Haney stated, "We have a lot of fun, he is so full of it, you would not believe it, and it keeps everyone loose and we have alot of fun."

But once again, Hunter was quick to point out, "I have made him alot of money on the golf course, that is the real reason why we play."

"Yeah, he makes the bets, and I do the playing," Haney countered.

Money won, or money lost, you can guarantee these two are going to have fun...together.

"You can count on him when the chips are down, that is why we call him 'big one,'" Hunter said of Haney.

Haney responded, "I just enjoy playing with him, he is just a good friend."

While playing together, they have both learned to appreciate one thing, that keeps them coming back for more, together.

"We come for the love of the game, just the love of the game."

"Well said Max, well said," Hunter added.

Well said indeed, the two old friends will part ways today, only to see each other on the first tee tommorrow.