L-P-D Detective

It will be 90 days suspension without pay for a 17 year veteran officer of the Lufkin Police Department following an internal investigation into sexually explicit photos of him discovered on a subscription based Internet porn site.

Police Chief Larry Brazil says this punishment was the most severe officer John Davis could have received short of being suspended indefinitely without pay.  It is not believed that Davis broke any criminal laws while taking part in the photo shoots, however, Chief Brazil says Davis' suspension comes because his conduct has been deemed "conduct unbecoming of an officer." Davis has been a detective in the Cyber Crimes Unit of L-P-D.

Last week, KTRE first reported the story about the photos featuring Davis having sex with a self described college student .  The woman in the photos was later identified as Davis' wife.  Davis was placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Once Davis is finished with his suspension, he will be able to return to the department as a patrol officer, but will no longer be involved in the Cyber Crimes Unit of L-P-D.