Care of Children In Hospitals

Eight year old Sky was admitted into Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital a day ago.  Thanks to the care she's receiving, she'll hopefully get to go home before Christmas.   Ratings on the care Sky and other children receive in hospitals across East Texas are now available through the Texas Department of State Health Services. All East Texas hospitals provide a certain degree of pediatric care.

Memorial Hospital's nurse and care coordinator for obstetrics, pediatrics and labor and delivery, Cindy Holloway said,  " We do a lot of appendectomy. When the kids fall and break their bones, they can be set. They can be done here. We don't do cardiac surgeries. Those are something that need to go to a specialty area."

A good repoire with outreach facilities is primarily why all the hospitals in the East Texas region received favorable reports. Locally few high risk cases are treated. Holloway knows,  " There are a lot more things to consider with a child. " Once a child is admitted parents are told what would happen should a child need specialized care. They'll hear the cities of Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston. Holloway feels confident with them all. She said,  " Cook's Fort Worth is excellent. They have what's called Teddy Bear Air. They'll come whenever we need them to and Dallas Methodist. Dallas children's comes as well. We do have some affiliation with Texas Children's. It really depends on the diagnosis. "

Those facilities often provide training for local hospitals. Good communication with staff, parents and the patient can often provide the assurance one needs when they would rather be at home than in a hospital bed.

The report is online at  and can be searched by hospital, geographic area or by the specific quality measures.