Zavalla Storm Damage

For Paul Luce, the power outtage in Zavalla couldn't have happened at a worse time.

"Ive got a deep freezer full of some wild game so I'm going to have to go to town soon to get a generator. If it doesn't come on pretty soon," he said.

The storm that blew through Zavalla registered winds of over 40 miles per hour, powerful enough to do serious damage.

"The damage was mostly due to the trees and high wind during the storm. Of course lightning was a factor," Oncor Electric Delivery Area Manager David Collier told us.

"It was raining pretty hard. We even thought at one point that there was some hail hitting the roof. And the wind was blowing pretty hard," Luce said.

Zavalla wasn't the only area of East Texas affected by the storm. But since the whole town is without power, it was the hardest hit. Restaurant parking lots were completely empty around lunch time. School was cancelled and even City Hall was closed. Officials at Oncor Electric have been working extra long shifts to restore power as soon as possible.

"Most of them have been out since early this morning. I would say all the crews that we have here have been out since 2am and we'll continue to work to restore the power," Collier said.

While the power outage is an inconvenience, residents are glad the storm damage didn't cause any injuries or major structural damage in Zavalla.

"Mother nature: you never know what she brings. At least no one is hurt. We can deal with the lights. We'll get them back on," Luce said.