Restaurant Report- Angelina County - 12/20/2007

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Restaurant Report. Tonight's report is from Angelina County.

Maye's Catering on the 13 hundred block of North Temple received 21 demerits. The health inspectors say the area behind the ice machine and oven needed to be cleaned. The hot water heater needed to be checked and there were no test strips.

Pizzett's Pizza in Lufkin received sixteen demerits. The floors, walls and ceilings in the storage room needed to be complete in 30 days. No soap was available in the men's restroom. Chemical test strips were needed; and thermometers were needed in the freezers and coolers.

Joe's Italian Grill on Medford has 12 demerits. The cooler was not holding the temperature correctly. All new employees must have food handlers certification. There were dirty floors underneath equipment. The food establishment permit was not posted.

And congratulations to the Neches House, The Crown Colony Grill, and Whataburger, who all received zero demerits on this weeks report.