Stand In Line

by Ryan Peterson

Six foot five and always doing the right thing.

"She's got so much potential," Head Coach Laura Knight says of junior Nikki Greene.

"With Nikki, just watch and see for yourself," Pashun Tappin adds.

Don't worry.   Everyone's watching Greene.

"Everyone's after her," Knight says.  " Pac Ten and the Big 12."

Nothing could stop Greene, until a knee injury during the summer.

"I was playing in a June tournament in Dallas," Greene says.  "I thought I hyper extended it."

After more practice, it was still hurting.  An M.R.I. revealed a torn meniscus.   Seven months later, Greene has yet to reach the top of her game.

"Getting back into shape has been the hardest part for her," Knight says.

Greene's almost there.

"I struggled at first because I had to rebuild the strength in both knees," she says.

"The first game she was a little shaky," Tappin says.  "Now she's playing like a beast."

The beast can get better.   And has another year to do it.  Which means another year of coaches dropping in on Diboll.

"When I know they're coming it makes me nervous," Greene says.  "When I don't know they're here, I can be myself."

We'll keep it quiet.