Charlie Wilson's War

by Christa Lollis

Charlie Wilson has been a hero to many East Texans for years, as a congressman and a friend. "He was creating jobs in Lufkin. He was taking care of people that had social security needs. He was looking after the needs of our citizens. That was his first and foremost job but then all that time he was changing the world," Mayor Jack Gorden explained.

First a book and now a movie all portraying an East Texas icon. Those who worked closely with him say it's a name many will never forget. "When you needed something done in Washington you went to Charlie Wilson and it got done. The attention was given. You would mention his name and all of a sudden you got appointments," former mayor, Luis Bronaugh told KTRE. The modest Wilson is still trying to get his hands wrapped around the whole idea of his life being on the big screen. Gorden said, "Even though he is this larger than life person he is overwhelmed by the power of what a movie can do to get a message across."

But it's clear East Texans are ready and waiting. "The past 2 hours we've probably sold close to about 50 tickets. Throughout the entire week we've had a lot of people presale tickets. We're not sure what we sold to online but we've had a good crowd so far," theatre manager, Jose Torres said. Even the mayor was there for the first showing, ready to find out if the movie would live up to Charlie's real life. "Read reviews and this and that so I'm anxious to see it for myself and see how they have portrayed what I think is the real Charlie."