Meals On Wheels

by Christa Lollis

Church members gathered at First Presbyterian in Lufkin starting at 5 this morning. They weren't there to worship, they were there to cook. "We do this for Angelina County Senior Citizens Center. They do meals on wheels 5 days a week.  They take a break during the Christmas holidays and so if we didn't prepare this meal a lot of these families, a lot of these individuals wouldn't have the interaction especially at this special holiday time."

So each year the congregation gets together to bring the meals them. Local companies donated some of the food and the church members donated their time. "First off, we start asking for families in our church, members of our congregation to volunteer. We have people sign up to cook turkey's. We have people to sign up to get up here at 5 o'clock in the morning to start cooking. We also have people sign up to deliver all the meals." It's something the members say is just part of being a good community member. "I got into mission work with the church and it's just another form of mission work. I really enjoy doing it."

Ted brought meals to many Lufkin residents today and knows if he hadn't their day may not have been so bright. "It's just helping out people who otherwise couldn't get out. I've been told this is some of the little interaction they get with people during the week." So because of these church members, some Angelina County residents are probably going to have a very merry Christmas.