Christmas Dinner

by Christa Lollis

Bible verses were read and carols sung all to show the East Texans who came to GODTEL that they have a family who cares. "We're trying to cheer their season up by giving them food and gifts and let them know they're loved," Nancy Gentry, Assistant Director explained. GODTEL serves Christmas dinner each year for those who may not have anywhere else to go. It's their ministry for those who may have given up on the holiday. Nancy says, "They remember happier times from their childhood. They regret maybe some decisions they've made that have caused bitter consequences in their lives. They have an idea of what Christmas should be and it's not there for them."

Almost 70 people showed up for the meal which would have been possible without the help of everyone in the area. "I want to thank the community for helping. We've had a lot of donations of food and treats and gifts and we've had groups coming in singing Christmas carols and passing out gifts," she said. The way the community came together to bring the Christmas spirit to everyone who came to GODTEL today is what Nancy says she hopes they all remember. GODTEL doesn't just work on Christmas. They help East Texans who need assistance year round.