Holiday Depression

by  Christa Lollis

While shopping and the holidays seem to go hand in hand, it can be a very destructive combination. "The holidays do tend to be a time of excess and spending, of course, is one of those area. Eating is another and doing, doing too much. Of course the eating and doing involve finances," psychotherapist, Cheryl Wilson tells East Texas News.

Spending too much money can cause depression and anxiety about how to pay for other necessities like bills. For some, just the thought of holidays and family time can create anxiety of it's own. "For those who are single, who live alone, don't have a significant partner, that can be a very difficult time to get through," she explains. That's why Cheryl tells her patients focusing on the negative will get you nowhere. "A real therapeutic tool for all of us to think about what is right with our family and with our lives feel that gratitude for what we have and to focus on that rather than focusing on the things that are not right."

So what do you do now that they holidays are over and credit card bills will soon be in your mailbox? "Ok, it's done. It's in the past. You can't undo it. So, let's make a plan for how you're going to try to address this and try to take care of it. I encourage them not to beat themselves up too much but to learn from it." Getting through the hard times will only make you stronger for the next.