Lufkin Police Report - 12/27/07

ASSAULT: 700 BLOCK OF RAGUET. Complainant reported that her boyfriend hit her in the face with his hand during an argument Wednesday evening.  Complainant was not injured.

HARASSMENT: 300 BLOCK OF LAZY OAKS. Complainant reported that he received a telephone call from his ex-girlfriend in which she threatened to kill him and the woman he was seen with.

BURGLARY: 100 BLOCK OF CHAMPIONS. Complainant reported that someone tried to remove the car radio from the dash of his care Tuesday night.

ASSAULT/C: 1800 BLOCK OF DENMAN. A woman reported that her husband hit her and bit her during an argument Wednesday afternoon.  The woman had no visible injuries.

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 3200 BLOCK OF JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that his business was broken into Tuesday or Wednesday and cash and a computer were stolen.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 1100 BLOCK OF MANTOOTH. Complainant reported that he left his keys in his car Wednesday afternoon and it was stolen.  The car was recovered at Mantooth and Raguet Wednesday night.  The car had apparently been set on fire and burned at that location.

BURGLARY: 100 BLOCK OF OAK. Complainant reported that her home was burglarized over the holiday and two pairs of shoes, a 15" flat panel television and two bicycles were stolen.

THEFT: 1200 BLOCK OF SOUTH CHESTNUT. A store clerk reported that a woman concealed a bottle of beer in her pocket Wednesday afternoon and left the store without paying for the beer.

THEFT/B: 700 BLOCK OF NORTH TIMBERLAND DRIVE. Complainant reported that two men came in and purchased some items with a check written on a closed account.  Before the store owner learned that account was closed, the two men came in and returned the items for a cash refund.

TERRORISTIC THREAT: 600 BLOCK OF NORTH RAGUET. Complainant reported that a known suspect threatened him and chased him in a car Wednesday morning in an apparent attempt to fight with the complainant.

THEFT: 300 BLOCK OF HUBBARD. Complainant reported that a patio table was stolen off her back porch sometime during the past week.

THEFT: 900 BLOCK OF JEFFERSON. Complainant reported that his wallet was stolen from his truck Monday night.

THEFT/FELONY: 200 DARLINGTON STREET. Complainant reported that a diamond ring had been stolen from his home during the past six months.

BURGLARY: 100 BLOCK OF CHAMPIONS. Complainant reported that someone entered his unlocked car Tuesday night and gathered up several CD's.  The CD's were not taken from the car and the complainant believes the suspect was scared off before completing the theft.

BURGLARY: 800 BLOCK OF AMEY. Complainant reported that an office trailer at a construction site was broken into over the four day holiday weekend and a computer was stolen.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 500 BLOCK OF WILLOW BEND. Complainant reported that her car had been stolen and her husband's truck broken into Tuesday night.  The suspect(s) stole some change, a pack of cigarettes and the keys to the car from the pickup.  The car was recovered on Park Lane Tuesday morning with the satellite radio missing.

BURGLARY: 100 BLOCK OF BOUGAINVILLAEA. Complainant reported that he woke up Wednesday morning and saw a stranger standing beside his brother's car with the car door open.  The complainant chased the suspect but lost him.  It's not known whether anything is missing from the car.

BURGLARY: 1000 BLOCK OF MEADOW. Complainant reported that he left his two vehicles unlocked in his driveway and both were entered Wednesday night.  A stereo, a pair of compact binoculars and a Kodak digital camera were stolen.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 800 BLOCK OF SOUTH JOHN REDDITT DRIVE. Complainant reported that two known suspects have forged dozens of checks over the past six months on his elderly grandmother's account.  The complainant has power of attorney for his grandmother's finances.