End of Year Surgeries

Phyllis Kovar's doctor suggested she have a total hysterectomy 3 years ago. But as 2007 was coming to an end, she realized it couldn't wait any longer.

"I passed out in Walmart the night before Thanksgiving so I realized it was time to do something, and with our new insurance kicking in the first of the year, I had to get it in as quick as possible," she said.

Kovar isn't alone. All over the nation and even here in East Texas doctors are seeing an influx of patients.

"People are finding that insurance rates are going to be going up and deductibles are going to be reset. The time is now. It's the time at the end of the year before all the costs go up and while time is available," said Dr. Brian Humphreys of Memorial Hospital.

"Our caseload increases by about a twenty five percent. Especially in November and December," Memorial Hospital Clinical Coordinator of Surgery Andrea Airhart said.

Surgeries range from the removal of tonsils to colonoscopies. Are while deductibles bring many people to hospitals at the end of the year, that's not the only reason.

"During the holidays people have more time to take off. They're off from work longer and they have more time to recuperate," Airhart added.

Doctors warn East Texans not to rush into surgery even though they want to meet deadlines.

"Be informed. Be well informed about what you're having done. The risks, the benefits and the alternatives. Make sure that surgery is the right answer. It may not be the right answer for everybody," Humphreys said.

Doctors also suggest you check out all of your insurance information before having an elective surgery to make sure you're fully covered.