Top Moment #4

It didnt take long for Clay Buchholz to realize his dream...

In just his second MLB start, on a clear night in Boston, the 22-y ear old made history, becoming the first Red Sox rookie to throw a no-hitter.

A feat he never accomplished during his stay at Angelina College.

But it comes a no suprise to his former coach and current AC head coach Jeff Livin.

"I was joking around with rich, and I said, you know, he already won his first start, he might as well go out and throw a no-hitter," Livin recalled,  "and in the 5th inning his agent texts us and we are up 4-0, and we wrote him back and said how many hits has he given up, and he said I can't answer that."

With a few more years and some fine tuning, Buchholz may turn out to be the greatest to ever come out of Angelina College.

For his remarkable start to his career, and the pride he has brought to the Runner baseball team, Clay Buchholz has earned the number 4 spot on our top moments in East Texas from 2007.