Shopping Local

by Christa Lollis

Stores throughout the East Texas area want local dollars to stay that way.  "I think we've got a good local customer base, of course we would like to see more.  We do have repeat business and I think people like coming into a store where you know their names, you know their families.  To me, that with the customer service we have, really helps," Gerry Larabee, a store owner says.

It's a hard competition since these stores compete with Houston, Tyler and Dallas but store owners say they offer something unique. "Well of course we don't have the variety and we are working on that to try to get more businesses into Nacogdoches but you would be surprised at what you can find here," Larabee explains. From art galleries, to boutiques, the local merchants are getting closer to offering anything you need.   With every purchase you're helping the economy and keeping jobs in East Texas.   "It's the statistics about how much the money stays in Nacogdoches and how it turns around and feeds the other businesses and that is the truth.  It's been proven time and time."

Larabee explains that Most of all, you'll save time and money by shopping locally. "With gasoline prices so high and I hate to harp on that but it does make better sense to keep your money local.  Just the fact that you're out on those big highways with all that traffic, that's stressful and our life is stressful enough." New stores seem to be opening all the time and their bringing more options to shoppers.