New Texas Laws

by Christa Lollis

Texans can expect new laws that will go into effect once the new year is here.   A pole tax of five dollars will now be charged at strip clubs in the state. The money will be donated to help rape victims. Club owners aren't happy because they think it links them unfairly to that cause. They are fighting it in court.

Also, teachers will now be required to get fingerprinted for background checks. Lawmakers hope it will remove people who have history of sexual crimes against children, out of the classroom.

A third law being enacted by state lawmakers is to make sure pension funds for retired teachers and retired state employees are not involved with certain international companies doing business with Sudan. The government has deemed that region as genocidal and doesn't believe the country should support it.

A fourth law is one to help law enforcement. DPS and state insurance agencies are creating a database that would allow officers to know immediately whether a driver is insured or not. An average 15 to 20 percent of Texas drivers aren't insured so they hope to crack down on that.