Move It - New Year's Resolution

Anita Miles and her workout coach, Sharon Roberts know all about the new year's resolution of losing weight. Anita made the resolution in the gym that Sharon owns. Sharon Roberts, owner of the Nacogdoches 'Curves' said,  " Most people make resolutions for the first of the year and you know what it is. It's diet and exercise and staying healthy for the year. " Anita proudly added,  " I have lost over 70 pounds and I started working out in '01 and I've been able to keep the weight off and maintain that weight."

Despite her success, Anita admits losing weight is far from easy.  " I fell off the wagon a couple of times . I went off board and pigged out on food, but I always came back to my workout because it was up to me. "

What makes Anita different from all the others who make the same resolution this time of year is she doesn't give up. With a big smile Anita exclaimed,  " The sky is the limit for me because I am determined. " Anita got results through achievable workouts and a sensible diet. Her tip to others is to monitor what you eat. "If you keep a food journal that makes it a lot easier because you can say, I need to cut this out, I need to cut that out. It doesn't mean you have to cut out all the good stuff because you can splurge from time to time. "

Today Anita is working for her coach. She's helping other women reach their personal goals. At the same time she continues to raise the bar on her own goals. Anita's resolution is shed more pounds.  " My goal weight is 135 pounds. I'm currently at 150 and I was weighing 217 pounds."

Move it is the first step. Move away from the table is the second. Then move toward encouragement from a friend or partner. At that point you've already succeeded in moving toward a lifestyle change.