Livingston Bus Incident

Two Livingston ISD employees have been fired for their roles in a Pre-Christmas brawl with a student.

Livingston Police responded to a call about a disturbance on a school bus the day before Christmas Break. When officers arrived, they discovered there had been a physical altercation between a 15 year old female student and a Livingston ISD employee. No arrests were made but Livingston Police are investigating the incident. There were about 40 other students on the bus at the time.

"There was some conflict in witness statements as to what actually occurred. There is video and audio from the bus incident. That's all being reviewed. We did subpoena the LISD. They did turn the tape over to us. That will go over with the case to the District Attorney as well," said Livingston Police Lt. Matt Parrish.

Livingston ISD officials tell us they do their best to staff their busses with well trained and qualified personnel.