Restaurant Report- Angelina County 01/03/2008

It's Thursday, which means Restaurant Report. We take a look at what health inspectors found in some Angelina County eateries.

Taco Bueno on S. First Street received 18 demerits. Health inspectors said all employees were required to have food handlers certification. The floors under equipment areas were dirty.  Also, there was no hot water available in the restrooms. The back door sweeper needed to be adjusted as well.

Outback Steakhouse on S. First Street got 8 demerits. One manager needed to have ACCHD certification and all employees needed food handlers certification. The areas under equipment needed to be cleaned.

Burger King on S. First Street received 4 demerits. All employees needed to have food handlers certification.

And J.R.'s Cafe on East Main also got 4 demerits. The floor under the grill area needed to be cleaned and the kitchen floor area needed to be painted or sealed.