Explaining Primaries

by Christa Lollis

Just days ago the focus was on Iowa and now New Hampshire. The caucuses are part of the early stages of presidential campaigns. "Basically what we're doing right here is we're getting it down to determine who's going to be the top person between each party and this will happen for us in Texas on March 4th," the Nacogdoches County Republican Chairman, Jackie Yates explains.

Between now and then candidates will travel to different states hoping their message reaches the majority of voters. But come March 4th all eyes might just be on Texas. "If everybody is close going into let's say the first part of March, nobody has really moved ahead, then at that time all the focus will be on Texas so this could shape up to be something very interesting," Yates said. March 4th isn't just about the presidency. East Texans will have many local positions to think about as well. Sheriff's, tax assessors, district attorneys, commissioners and many more, but there are so many candidates to choose from. "One of the things too that's very important, people say a lot of times, get out and vote. Don't just get out and vote. Know who you're voting for." Yates says finding a party headquarters in your area is key but make sure you research and then hit the polls.

These early elections are to determine who's on the ballot in November. So if you want your choice for candidate to win, you need to vote March 4th.

Nacogdoches County Democratic Party- http://www.nac-gop.com/

Angelina County Republican Party  2802 South First St. Lufkin, Texas 75901 (936) 634-1979 Roland Rich, Chairman

Angelina County Democratic Party 2872 FM 326 Lufkin, TX 75901-1825 (936) 824-2402 James C. "Jim" Wark, Chairman