Presidential Debate Reaction

After last night's persidental debates, many experts are hailing Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee as the winners in their respective parties. But East Texans we talked to were still undecided?

Pat McCann of Lufkin said, "I haven't really made up my mind on that yet. I really haven't. I like to hear all of the pros and cons and weigh everything as carefully as possible."

Many people agree that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination. But after last night, many experts view Barack Obama as the Democratic front runner over Hillary Clinton.

Hudson resident Rickey Bradley told us, "I think Barack Obama has a much better chance than Hillary Clinton. He seems to know more about the issues and what America's looking for in the future, especially when it comes to change."

"I really think Hillary will win. I think she's just better connected in Washington. Or maybe she has better dirty tricks? I don't know," Mills Lewis of Alto said.

"Im really not fond of a woman president. I've always felt that there are certain job for men and to do and that there are certain jobs meant for women to do. If god wanted us to be perfectly equal, he would have made lady sumo wrestlers," said McCann.

When it comes to the Republican party, many experts view Mike Huckabee as the current frontrunner.

"I think Huckabee's got a good shot. I think he's got an extremely good shot at it!" added McCann.

Some East Texans have other Republican candidates in mind.

"I know I'm pulling for the one that's the actor. Fred Thompson. He's kind of old fashion. I'm kind of old fashioned myself so I mostly learn toward old fashioned ideals and things, and he's a little bit more conservative than the other ones," Bradley said.

The New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday night, January 8, 2008