Lufkin Fire Department Pay Raise

When word spread that many of Lufkin's firefighters were diassatisfied with their pay, city officials decided it was time to give them a raise.

Different firemen based on average tenure got different amounts. The average amount was 11.7 percent, and Lufkin firefighters believe every bit helps.

Lufkin Firefighter Brandon Golden said, "We felt we deserved the raise to better help our families and to better or careers and better our lives. It had been a little while since we had seen any type of raise so we were very happy to get what we got."

'I think the firefighters have been pleased with the raise and obviously it's good for the firemen. They feel more at ease and feel better about their job. Now that they're getting more accurate pay for their duties and responsibilities," Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker told us.

This time last year, the Lufkin Fire Department was losing a lot of employees to larger departments that offered more benefits and better pay.

The LFD hasn't tested for any new recruits yet since the raise. But things are expected to get better now they have a more competitive salary and benefits package.

"Anytime we can raise our pay and benefits it'll definitely help us recruit people. Not only from this area, but from the surrounding areas, to bring them into this department," Golden said.

The pay raise was based on a study of cities similar to Lufkin in size.