Lufkin Police Report - 1/8/08

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 300 BLOCK OF EAST HOWE. Complainant reported hearing noise in his yard and saw two men breaking into his father's convertible around 12:20am Tuesday.  The complainant scared the suspects off but not before they cut the convertible roof and tampered with the car stereo.

ROBBERY: 700 BLOCK OF RAGUET. Complainant reported that a man tried to rob her as she got out of her vehicle at a convenience store late Monday night.  The woman said the man approached her as she was getting out of her truck and demanded money and threatened to stab her with a screwdriver that was visible in the door pocket of her truck.  The suspect left without getting any money from the victim.

ASSAULT/AGGRAVATED: 200 BLOCK OF HICKORY HILL. A couple reported that their teenage son pulled a knife on them during an argument Monday night and threatened them before fleeing the house.

THEFT: 400 BLOCK OF TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that a woman was seen in the store stealing steaks.  The woman came back in the store moments later and had concealed more steaks under her coat when an employee stopped her.  The woman threw the steaks down and fled.

THEFT: 700 BLOCK OF CONN. Complainant reported that a bicycle was stolen from her yard Monday.

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 900 BLOCK OF NORTH TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that some hand tools and a set of tires and rims were stolen during a burglary that occurred at his business over the weekend.

THEFT/FELONY: 1600 BLOCK OF DENMAN. Complainant reported that someone cut the fence at a business and stole copper wire over the weekend.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 700 BLOCK OF NORTH RAGUET. Complainant reported that a check had been stolen and forged in December.

THEFT/B: 1700 BLOCK OF WILLIAMS. Complainant reported that 25 HP boat motor was stolen off his boat.

BURGLARY: 3000 SOUTH JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that his business was burglarized Sunday night and cash was stolen from the safe.

THEFT/FELONY: 400 BLOCK OF ROBIN STREET. Complainant reported that a black and purple go-cart was stolen from his carport over the weekend.

HARASSMENT: 1400 BLOCK OF HARMONY HILL. Complainant reported receiving several harassing phone calls from an unknown suspect.

THEFT: 100 BLOCK OF EAST JODIE STREET. Complainant reported that her 3 month old pit bull/German shepherd dog was stolen from her yard Monday morning.