18 Wheeler Roll Over

The Jaws of Life were used to save a man after an 18-wheeler accident this Tuesday afternoon. Rescuers responded to the rollover about a mile north of the Nacogdoches/Rusk County line on Highway 259. The Nacogdoches Fire Department conducted the rescue. The 911 call indicated it was in Nacogdoches County and that the truck was on fire. Neither turned out to be the case, but city firefighters remained at the scene.

An 18 wheeler identified with the company, ramco inc, was traveling south on 259 carrying an asphalt mix, when it left the highway, and turned over on the drivers side on the median. Emergency crews worked for more than half an hour to remove the driver.

A short distance away, in Mt. Enterprise a life-flight helicopter was standing by to take the driver to a hospital. The driver was in pain, but was able to talk to rescue crews. It took four attempts to remove him from a position between the seat and front of the cab.

Motorists came up on the accident only after the truck had left the roadway. Nearby residents said they heard a loud boom and then discovered the truck on its side.