East Texas Soldier Injured

Iraq and East Texas are half a world apart. But a call the family of US Army soldier David Corley received late last week from iraq hit very close to home.

"I did know that they come to your house if there's a death and not call you on the telephone. So the call was a relief that he wasn't dead," his father, Dr. Ronald Corley said.

Corley was on patrol when he was shot in the jaw by enemy fire. The bullet shattered his jaw and exited through his neck. He was immediately flown to Germany and treated by a spinal surgeon. They discovered the bullet just barely missed a majory artery in his neck. Corley is now recovering in a San Antonio hospital.

"He's not moving his right arm at all. He has a tremendous amount of pain in his shoulders, neck and arms. And of course he can't speak with a trake, and his jaw is wired together," his father Ronald said.

David's brother Justus Corley told us, "It's real tough on the whole family. But it's good that we have a large family because we all get to go see him and take care of him. We take turns seeing him."

Corley had been in Iraq 9 months. Family members say they were skeptical when he first joined the Army 2 years ago.

"I was proud of him but scared for him. Nothing really good come out of the war in Iraq, I believe. I believe it's very of him to serve our country," his brother Justus said.

'My son was eager to go and I'm very supportive or their efforts. I just worry that our government is not accomplishing...we really don't know what they're accomplishing," his father Ronald told us.

Despite their political beliefs, Corley's family is just thankful his injuries weren't fatal.

According to the Corley family, doctors say it could take up to a year for David to fully recover.